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  Name Kategorie Hersteller Preis
King Excellence Saxophone Tenor-Saxophone KING Excellence
"Wolverine" H.N.White King stencil Tenor-Saxophone KING USA 600,00
Selmer BUNDY II Tenor-Saxophone Selmer Company USA 690,00
"American Triumph" Buescher 30A Stencil Tenor-Saxophone Buescher USA 690,00
Präsident Pure Tone MAX KEILWERTH Tenor-Saxophone Keilwerth 880,00
OLDS Ambassador Tenor-Saxophone Buescher USA 890,00
Selmer Signet USA Tenor-Saxophone Selmer Company USA 980,00
H.N.White King Tenor-Saxophone KING USA 980,00
MARTIN Indiana Bb Tenor-Saxophone The MARTIN USA 1200,00
Yanagisawa T-4 Tenor-Saxophone Yanagisawa 1200,00
KING Excellence Silber/Gold Tenor-Saxophone KING Excellence 1350,00
King Excellence TENOR TS700 Tenor-Saxophone KING Excellence 1350,00
King Excellence TENOR Bb Tenor-Saxophone KING Excellence 1350,00
Buescher 400 Tenor-Saxophone Buescher USA 1400,00
King Excellence TENOR Tenor-Saxophone KING Excellence 1500,00
Buescher Aristocrat Modell 156 Tenor-Saxophone Buescher USA 1750,00
MARTIN Committee III Tenor Tenor-Saxophone The MARTIN USA 1900,00
MARTIN Committee III Tenor-Saxophone The MARTIN USA 2300,00
Selmer MARK VII Tenor-Saxophone SELMER France 2900,00
Selmer Reference 36 Tenor-Saxophone SELMER France 5000,00